Black Stainless Steel Base with Moxie Inlay


Crisp edges meet smooth curves. Our 001-Base has been meticulously designed to create a timeless piece you can style in a myriad of ways. Turn it into a bold statement piece by pairing it with our beautifully edged Inlay Moxie. Crafted from durable Swiss steel in Germany, this base has been hand-polished and finished with a lustrous, high-shine coating of deep black PVD. Innovative 3D printing makes our inlays ultralight and bendable, yet surprisingly precise and durable. 

Inlay Color
Base Size
Base Width

Explore even more base types and try different inlays. Create your personal style with Nyyukin configurator.

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  • Base
    – Made from Stainless steel
    – Hand-polished
    – Laser engraved
    – Innovative 3D printing
    – Resource-saving production
    – Biocompatible
    Made In Germany & the EU

  • Models: 001

  • Free shipping over 50€ in Germany
    Free shipping over 80€ in the EU
    Free 25 days return policy.

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