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We believe in genuine quality. This is why at Nyyukin we use only top-quality materials – and combine them with future-oriented production techniques. As a result, each individual item comprises genuine craftsmanship and maximum precision. At its core, our jewellery is made of high-quality Swiss steel or titanium. This gives you outstanding stability, extreme lightness and an exclusive metal otherwise only used to make expensive watches and jewellery. All of our Nyyukins are polished by hand and get a high-quality coating. We use plated gold with a thickness of 3-5 µm that ensures longevity. The PVD coatings (Physical Vapour Deposition) are usually seen in the automobile industry and impress with their brilliant color and hardness. That gives you surfaces so elegant, you will always want to wear them. Promise.


For its production, Nyyukin works only with very specialised companies who offer skilled craftsmanship and unique expertise. Our Characters are produced solely in Germany – in places where we are able to ensure high quality and fair treatment of employees. Our Moments are produced in the EU using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. So your jewellery is not just especially beautiful, it is also produced by fair means.

Precision engineering

Unique technical properties are provided by high-quality Swiss watchmaker steel and durable but very light titanium.

Hand-polished & high-quality finishes

Polishing by hand gives the coated surfaces an extra perfect finish

Laser engraved

Laser engravings make Nyyukin even more valuable and reflect the authenticity of your Nyyukin.

We love what we do passionately. To the extreme. In other words: we put everything we’ve got into our work. Our heart and our skill. Our love of distinctive but unobtrusive design. Our passion for innovation and craftsmanship – and for materials that not only look special but feel special, too.