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Two core models of jewelry but endless possibilities - Nyyukin reinvents itself every day

Our Characters
Every person has a different character. And we express our character through speech, behavior, gestures and  emotions. But sometimes we express Character through beautiful things like furniture, clothing or jewelry. 

At Nyyukin we thought about this a lot and how we can design jewelry that expresses who you are and what you stand for. That is why we designed a high quality core made from Swiss steel or Titanium for Nyyukin that represent the Character of its owner. Available in different forms and with different coatings. This way we are confident that everyone can subtly express her/his or any kind of true Character. 

Jewelry for woman, man and everyone else
Nyyukin is not jewelry the way it is but the way you see it. This is why we don’t distinguish between man and woman but only between Slim, Skinny and Bold. Simply choose whether you wish to wear your Nyyukin more discreetly or more prominently. 

The 001: In Skinny or Bold for every Character
Our very graphical model: angles meet curves. This way our 001 polarizes and yet it so beautiful to look at. 

Our model 001 comes in two different varieties: Skinny and Bold. 

The 001-Skinny is a little thinner and therefore more subtle on your wrist – but you can always make it more expressive by combining several 001-Skinny at once. And let us say: it just looks breathtaking. 

Compared to the Skinny version the 001-Bold is a little wider seen from the top and therefore more prominent on your wrist - but in just the right way. It is perfect for stronger wrist – but what do we know? In the end it has to fit to your personality, character and style. 


The 002-Slim: just the right balance of everything
Our 002-Slim Character is quite sleek. No fuzz. Just pure elegance. A piece of jewelry that is just right every time. It blends in with your Character and is always by your side.      


And: every Character needs a Moment
You can always change the appearance of all Nyyukins with just the right Moment - our interchangeable Inlays. This way your character always suits your every moment, your character and your style. We offer a lot of different colors and also amazing forms – some more modest some very expressive – so that you own one piece of jewelry and yet so many. 


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