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7 am

Late riser, early riser, café au lait, matcha tea or smoothie: whatever it is that wakes you up – with a piece of Nyyukin jewellery, your day is certain to get off to a radiant start! You decide whether you’re more Bold, Slim or Skinny, more Lemonade or Cinnamon.

9 am

Your calendar is packed full of customer appointments? Your day is nothing but a meeting marathon? Fortunately, your Character easily matches your Moment and your business outfit. Let the games begin!

12.30 am

Whether it’s a snack at the laptop, a lunch date with colleagues or a breath of fresh air – breaks are vital. Take some time out and then get off to a great start again – with your Nyyukin jewellery, in your style. Always different, always new, always you!

For you. And your every Moment.

10.30 pm

After the serious stuff is over and done with, you feel like going out. Sometimes you play the lonesome cowboy in the coolest bar in town, sometimes you take the dance floor by storm with your best friends. Always with you: your favourite drink, your favourite track and your Nyyukin Character – perfectly matching the Moment.

Reduced or opulent. Quiet or loud. Nyyukin always hits the right note.

2.30 am

Whether you feel like recharging the batteries or just chilling out: your Nyyukin jewellery is game for anything you want. Your Character fits so snugly around your wrist that you can even wear it when you go to bed – for a truly brilliant awakening the next morning.